The color table for the cities. Sense the Place.

Sense the place_490.jpg Sense the Place - the making of Milan
The city mapped out on a 7x2-meter color table. Poles, roads, windows, plaster walls, doors, trains, buses, newsstands, trees, benches, trash cans, awnings. Each object has its own color, each city its own predominant color scheme. Students from NABA in Milan went searching for colors, snapping 800 Polaroid images. Other students from other schools around the world will repeat the experience of Sense the Place, a travelling study on a city's visual identity, curated by architect Luca Buttafava and industrial designer Alessandro Confalonieri.
Sense the place_235_02.jpg Sense the place_235_01.jpg

These students can take notes and mark colors on the city streets using a special edition created for them by Moleskine. There is a QR code inside to follow the evolution of Sense the Place throughout the world.
Sense the place_235_03.jpg Sense the place_235_04.jpg 

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