Sensory portraits of Moleskine

Giant notebooks that frame expressions, sound installations that play with Moleskine bags and small tools, evocative tastings, wines and fruity cocktails. In New York, at Exit Art, the cultural center for contemporary art in Chelsea, Moleskine opens the doors to art and creativity, playing with the five senses. The central theme is the portrait

The sensory experiences include, "Faces," Emilie Balz's photographic portraits, "Phase," Philipp Stearns' sound travels and "Tastes," psycho-tastings by expert Brian Quinn.

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Portraits NY 235 07.jpg Portraits NY 235 06.jpg
                                      Moleskine Faces, by Emilie Balz
Portraits-NY-235-11.jpg Portraits-NY-235-10.jpg
                                      Moleskine Phase, by Philipp Stearns
Portraits-NY-235-09.jpg Portraits-NY-235-08.jpg
                           Nomad Music by Perlin Studios and Dana Karwas  
Portraits-NY-235-04.jpg Portraits-NY-235-03.jpg
                                             Drawing Me Drawing You
Portraits-NY-235-12.jpg Portraits-NY-235-13.jpg
                                      Moleskine Tastes, by Brian Quinn

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