The year of the Dragon

Shanghai-Tang_490.jpg Moleskine celebrates Chinese culture with a new limited edition notebook and planner inspired by the year of the Dragon and feng shui philosophy. A collaboration, for the very first time, with the pioneering Chinese lifestyle brand Shanghai Tang.

Shanghai-Tang_235_03.jpg Shanghai-Tang-235-09.jpg

The contrasting colors used for the two editions, both in large size, are sky blue and red: a notebook with blank pages and a special planner with an almanac insert, horoscope information and suggestions for living in harmony, each and every day, according to the feng shui concept of Koon Zhi Zheng. Embossed on the cover is the symbol for the new year, the dragon, a symbol of power, strength, benevolence, prosperity and longevity.

Shanghai-Tang_235_02.jpg Shanghai-Tang-235-08.jpg

Available at the Moleskine Store, Moleskine Asia and Shanghai Tang Stores.


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