Share your full Moleskine Planner with us

Worn spine. Battered corners. Frayed bookmark. The elastic band is slightly loose, the inner pocket full. The Moleskine Planner is getting fat.
Pages and pages of thoughts, appointments, old receipts scrunched into the back and little doodles jumping out. How fat is your Planner? Upload your pictures of your full Planners to the myMoleskine gallery using the #endofyear tag. 
You have 12 months ahead of you. Will you live them out with a Star Wars, Le Petit Prince or Peanuts Planner? 
Or will you colour your year in a magenta, yellow or green Planner?
Perhaps you will stay faithful to classic black or red. 
Free the elastic band. Position the bookmark. Crisp, blank pages await you. Bend back the spine a little, fill in your name and reward. Mark your birthday and add stickers to upcoming dates.
Make your choice in the Moleskine Store.

Print in MSK format