Moleskine Shells described by Pix

A new video tutorial demonstrates the function of the Shells, the new collection of cases designed to organize, protect and carry your cloud of analog and digital objects.

The video, made by the Gluekit studio, tells us about the new collection through the advice of a robot-anchorman.

Shells_235_01.jpg Shells_235_02.jpg 

The Shells are multipurpose containers with a series of add-ons, elastic bands, pockets and dividing panels to customize the inside spaces depending on the different objects and devices. There are five models available in three colors: orange, turquoise and classic black. Sizes range from small to large. They are part of the series of special cases for e-readers and tablets, in black with a zip closure.

The small version was also designed for a smart phone, with a loop for the earphones and a slot to attach the Shell to the shoulder strap or handles of a bag so your smart phone is always handy.

Shells_235_13.jpg Shells_235_11.jpg
Shells_15.jpg Shells_14.jpg

The Shells are made of the same semi-hard, water-repellent material as the protective base of all Moleskine bags; the inside can be customized with pockets that attach with Velcro strips.

Available at the MoleskineStore

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