Silk screen printing: another way to customize notebooks

The silk screening art lies in the making and manufacturing of a woven mesh. It comes from the stencil process and follows the same principles. Areas of the frame are blocked off with a non-permeable material -generally a photosensitive emulsion exposed to the ultra-violet light- which is a negative of the image to be printed. The open spaces are where the color appears. Images can be reproduced with very fine detail, and colors can be registered to reproduce complex and detailed logos in vivid color. As emphasized in the video, the manual and handicraft component is of the utmost importance for this kind of printing, utilized successfully on different surfaces.

Serigrafia235_04.jpg Serigrafia235_03.jpg Serigrafia235_02.jpg Serigrafia235_01.jpg

Silk screen printing is one of the main techniques used by Moleskine to customize notebooks, highly suitable for the production of coloured images. The video, together with the one reporting the debossing, can be seen on our channels YouTube and Vimeo.

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