The symmetry of Moleskine glasses

ReadingGlasses_490.jpgWith a black or transparent frame, Moleskine reading glasses have no right side, they can be worn either way up, with no top or bottom.
Reading-Glasses_325_interna.jpgRectangular with rounded corners, they hold reading lenses for far-sighted wearers and come in different strengths, from +1 to +3. The case, sold separately, is black with an elastic closure and can also be used to hold pens, pencils and other small objects.

ReadingGlasses_235_02.jpg ReadingGlasses_235_01.jpg
ReadingGlasses_235_03.jpg ReadingGlasses_235_04.jpg
Illustrations by Brendan Leach

Moleskine reading glasses are part of the Reading collection along with the USB rechargeable booklight and the e-reader and book stand.

Available at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS, Moleskine Asia and in select stores around the world.

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