Moleskine Smart Planner

Discover a smarter way to plan

Today's digital world makes planning easy – in theory. Add an event to your digital calendar, set a reminder so you won't forget about it and carry on with your day. But despite the convenience of digital, nothing can replace the ease of picking up a pen to plan out days, take notes during a meeting, or draft a sketch or outline for a story, project or idea. The new Smart Planner by Moleskine means you can have the best of both worlds, making it possible to jot down appointments on paper that get automatically synced to your digital calendar as well as handwrite notes and send them as email attachments, sketch a drawing or doodle and edit it with your favorite digital software. 
The Smart Planner works in tandem with the Smart Writing Set and with your Google Account, making it possible to sync other digital calendars including Moleskine Timepage, Microsoft Outlook (only free accounts) and iCal. 
How the Smart Planner works
The Smart Planner is the latest addition to the Smart Writing Set family of objects that make it possible to plan and create on paper first, as well as to digitally organize, edit and share what you handwrite and draw with no effort at all. But how does it all work? First of all, make sure you already have a Smart Writing Set, as the Smart Planner works in tandem with the Pen+ and the Moleskine Notes companion app.
An invisible grid made with special Ncode technology patented by NeoLAB Convergence is embedded within each page of the Smart Planner. Thanks to this grid, the Moleskine Notes app is able to recognize anything that is written by the Pen+, from appointments to notes and sketches. All you need to do is remember to write your appointments on the left and your freehand notes, or sketches, to the right. Meetings, events and dates are synced to Google calendar (for Android) and iCal (for iOS), while handwritten notes and sketches are synced with the Moleskine Notes app. 

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