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We live, work and play in parallel but not always connected analog and digital worlds. Moleskine unveils a unique way to keep your ideas connected as you move between your analog and digital lives.

A Smart Writing Set that allows you to write with the tools you love – pen and paper– and smoothly digitizes your notes making it fast and simple to edit, store and share them on your phone or laptop. The system is made up of three elements - the Paper Tablet, the Moleskine Pen+ and the Moleskine Notes App (available for iOS and Android) – that work together to give you a seamlessly integrated experience.

Now, with the release of the Paper Tablet II you can use – and sync - two Paper Tablet notebooks at the same time. 

Red Paper Tablet
The latest addition to the Smart Writing Set is the Red Paper Tablet. Call it what you will - scarlet, vermilion or crimson – either way, red isn't a color you can forget about or ignore. Whether you write or draw your thoughts, having a Paper Tablet with a bright red cover is a way to distinguish between different projects, private vs. work, urgent vs. perdurable, creative vs. analytical. The red cover will stand out on your desk or in your bag and help you collect and organize your ideas. And the Pen+ will instantly recognize whether you are writing in your Paper Tablet I, II or Red and digitize your notes accordingly. Get your Red Paper Tablet from the Moleskine Online Store.


Jot down your to-do list in your Paper Tablet notebook on your way to work, send the page to the App and edit the list as you complete your tasks from your smartphone or tablet.


Take notes during a meeting in your notebook and send them straight to your team by email as a PDF attachment. Sketch out your vision for a project on paper and turn it into a digital presentation or share it in real time with your co-workers as an image, vector or text file.


Nifty features make the Smart Writing Set intuitive to use. To share a note from your Paper Tablet notebook just tap on the envelope icon at the top of the page. Store your ideas as handwriting or transform them into digital text so you can quickly search, copy and edit them.  Pair your notes with audio recorded in real time so you never lose track of your ideas.


Moleskine was born as a celebration of thinkers, artists and writers of the past who wanted to create freely in the streets or when on the move. Echoing this heritage the Smart Writing Set is for today's creative professionals, knowledge workers and students who want to keep on developing their ideas on paper first – wherever they may strike - and still remain digitally connected.

Discover the Smart Writing Set:

Download the Moleskine Notes App from the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. 

Note taking is an art. Join our Mind Map Challenge and share the way you organize your thoughts and ideas on paper. Submit a page of your handwritten notes with the tag #M_myNotes, the winning upload will receive a Smart Writing Set and a personalized Moleskine notebook.

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