Don't be a [ ] – Be flexible with a soft cover notebook!

Moleskine soft colored dotted notebook
Don't be the guy who's never flexible with his plans. Our new line of notebooks appeal to your soft spot. Flexible and playful, their soft covers can be molded and folded any way you want, so that you're always ready to adapt to any situation. 
Three new colours: Orchid Purple, Khaki Beige and Underwater Blue. Brand new page layout: dotted. That's right; the same ivory-coloured pages with rounded corners, just speckled with a dotted grid perfect for spontaneous notes and bright ideas. Three sizes: pocket, large and XL. 
Moleskine soft colored dotted notebook  Moleskine soft colored dotted notebook
Keep the paperband because it might come in useful when you're struggling through writer's block or hard at work. Cut along the dotted lines and hang your message where suits.
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Print in MSK format