The world in a notebook

Sony World Photography Awards Moleskine
A birthday celebration in a 1972 electric blue Ford Forlaine, Argentina. A 300-year old traditional fire dragon dance ceremony, southern China. A figure hunched over a desk, Italy. The world comes to the pages of Moleskine Photo Books
Split-second moments, powerful images and local eccentricities are preserved on and offline, bringing the global culture to the little black rectangle. Release the elastic band, position the ribbon bookmark and thumb through this visual atlas of some of the best photography from around the world, fastened with elastic band closure. The black of the cover and the ivory colour of the pages come alive with vibrant splashes of ink and pixels, the full spectrum of life contained within. 
Sony World Photography Awards Moleskine
We are creating a permanent library of the winners and shortlisted entrants of the Sony World Photography Awards 2013. Browse the library and purchase a World Photography Organisation Photo Book here.  
Been around the world? Create a visual atlas of your photography with your very own Photo Book. Click here to begin. 

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