Star Wars 2014 Collection

Some days a journey of the inter-galactic kind is just the sort of thing that would make life a little bit better. That's why we've gone ahead and created a brand new Moleskine Star Wars Collection. You can thank us later.
Star Wars Notebooks
May the force of the blank page be with you: the saga joins your notes and thoughts as a Limited Edition notebook. Inside, a high definition print of space spread across the flyleaves begins your story. Take the quote stamped across the cover and on the inside as your inspiration and pen your own trilogy. Each notebook comes with a poster featuring original artwork from the 1977 films.
Available on the Moleskine Store.
Moleskine Star Wars notebooks  Moleskine Star Wars planners
Star Wars Diaries for 2014
Always in motion is the future…We're not all as wise as Jedi Master Yoda, but we can only try. A collection of 6 planners with 2 new design concepts, your favorite characters are silkscreened onto the covers of the 12-month planners, while the 18-month planners are customizable by you, using the themed stickers included. Start writing in dates and appointments for 2014: it's kind of like seeing into the future.
Available on the Moleskine Store.

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