Star Wars, the force emerges from paper

Watch this Moleskine animation to see the force emerge from paper, by Italian video makers Daniela Fuggetta and Paolo Ferrari.

Coming out from the darkside, villains Kylo Ren and the dreaded Stormtrooper become accomplices on your voyage from a galaxy far, far away. Fill the pages with all your aspirations.
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The collection includes two themed hard cover notebooks. Each with a set of stickers in the expandable back pocket, the inside cover has a colorful montage from the film and an "in case of loss" reward to be filled in.
  Like the legendary notebook, each contains smooth, acid-free, Moleskine ivory-colored paper, rounded corners, elastic closure and bookmark ribbons. The reusable b-side paperband is a blue print of a Star Wars fighter ship.

Create a Star Wars battle with your own hands and a sheet of paper.
Visit to log-in and download an original origami template of an X-Wing-Starfighter.

Also available, Star Wars planners and diaries. Make every day of the month an epic journey.

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Print in MSK format