Stick Notes, new colors and formats

StickNotes_color.jpg Short, long, small, large, plain, ruled but above all colored. Moleskine adds Stick Notes with a twist to the Folio Tools collection. Besides new format choices, 4 new colors to help identify the message class at first sight : e.g. yellow (home), orange, (work), green (travel), lavender blue (personal).

The Semi Color includes a set of 6-packs of 20 sticky notes, in 2 different formats (totally 120), the Full Color consists of a set of 18-packs of 20 sticky notes in 4 different formats (totally 360). As the white version, both are folded into a pocket cover to protect corners and edges.
StickNotes_235_03.jpg StickNotes_235_01.jpg StickNotes_235_04.jpg StickNotes_235_06.jpg

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