Studio Ghibli Special Edition: The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya

Moleskine Tale of the Princess Kaguya Studio Ghibli
The roughness of a freshly penciled sketch travels from the silver screen to the Moleskine notebook as new film from Studio Ghibli and Isao Takahata, The Tale Of  The Princess Kaguya , is released. 
The bold strokes and delicate colors derived from ancient Japanese scrolls and typical of Isao Takahata's hand bring to life an ancient folk tale that begins with the discovery of a little girl inside a glowing bamboo plant.  
Just as the protagonists in the tale, Isao Takahata has always followed his own path, staying true to his unique vision and particular style. A pure white cover with a gently debossed design, and a paperband featuring the subtle artwork of the film. Releasing the elastic band reveals a reproduced pencil sketch on the inner flyleaf.
Studio Ghibli Special Edition notebooks by Moleskine are not for sale.

Print in MSK format