The Studio Ghibli Special Edition notebook

Miyazaki The Wind Rises
Celebrating the release of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises is a Moleskine Special Edition notebook
In the film, an airplane designer creates his designs on paper. They take flight, ending up as real planes that travel through the sky, through clouds and over cities. The creative process is also a journey: the film itself began with an initial idea whose departure point was the first mark on the page. At the end, it arrives animated on a roll of film. Watch the marks on your page take flight.
Miyazaki The Wind Rises  Miyazaki The Wind Rises
Miyazaki is celebrated the world over for his unique style, vision and approach. Inspired by his dedication to hand-drawn animation, the notebook is a reminder that each creator follows their own path; making that first mark on paper, watching their story develop. 
Miyazaki The Wind Rises  Miyazaki The Wind Rises
Embossed on the notebook cover is the logo for The Wind Rises and an illustration by Hayao Miyazaki. The paperband is printed with artwork from the film, a strip that gives a glimpse of the story. Open the cover and discover the pencil design reproduction of an aircraft on the inner flyleaf. The notebook is just a part of the creative process, when drawings on paper become animated on a roll of film; ideas and visions transferred from one medium to another.
The Wind Rises  © 2013 Nibariki–GNDHDDTK
Image credits: Concept, illustration and production by Daniela Lucherini. Photo by Zona Zero.

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