Choosing your perfect summer travel companion

Filling notebook pages helps us make the most of our journeys. Memories and experiences are made deeper as we sketch and write. And when we return home we have a personal record of where we have been.
The travel companion that follows your journeys from start to finish, the  Voyageur, is a notebook designed to be personalized.  With three layouts, durable canvas cover, free downloadable add-ons, and  detachable pages for making and removing lists it's perfect for the organized traveler in all of us. 
If you run out of checklists or just want some extra pages for this notebook, you can download them for free along with a variety of Voyageur format templates. Use the MSK2 online tool to print out maps, itineraries and reservations from any public URL in exact Voyageur dimensions, ready to paste onto the pages. This way, you won't have to search for that  crumpled hotel booking on arrival.
Share your trip. Take a photo with the back of the Voyageur notebook's paper band. Be creative using it as a sign to say to friends and followers "I AM HERE". Then post it using the hashtag #m_iamhere.
Watch our protagonist making his way around Istanbul, Voyageur in hand. 

Join our Creativity Challenge

Packing for a trip is an art form honed over a lifetime. What are the indispensable items on your packing list? Share your top five, and join our Creativity Challenge for the chance to receive a Moleskine Travellers' kit delivered right to your door.
Download the Packing List template from the Voyageur section here, and upload your image to myMoleskine with the tag #M_myPackingList to enter. If your image is the best among the three most voted ones, a Moleskine Travellers' kit could be heading your way soon.
Like our legendary notebooks, Moleskine bags are made to carry thoughts and ideas and to contain all the tools you need to be creative wherever you go. Classic, myCloud and our device covers protect what you put inside. Choose what's right for your journey.

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