Tablet covers for iPad 3 and 4

A whimsical tale in which paper converges with pixels and creativity flows without boundaries. The newest Moleskine covers for iPad 3 and 4 combine analog and digital working methods.
In the video, a pencil is not just a sketching tool: it becomes the subject of the artwork as it enters the iPad: photographed, imported and enlarged. A hand drawn wolf runs onto the iPad. We zoom in on it as it passes under a magnifying glass, as it is pinched by the human hand on screen. The notebook sketches are transferred onto the iPad screen, manipulated and shared.
iPad Covers 3 and 4  iPad Covers 3 and 4
On one side of the cover is a refillable Volant Reporter notebook – whether you're right or left handed you can choose which. 96 blank pages for jotting down notes, sketching and writing. The iPad sits opposite: your two tools for writing, sketching and self-expression brought together to ease the transition from one to the other. 
Rubberized shell, rounded corners and elastic band, in six different colours: now also slimmer and lighter. Carry and protect your most precious tools and give more space to your creativity. 
Available on the Moleskine Store.
Video by Daniela Lucherini and Luca Carrara
Concept and illustration: Daniela Lucherini
Shooting and editing: Luca Carrara
Music by Giacomo Toffano

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