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It's one of those things that divides opinion. Tea or Coffee: what's your drink of choice? 
In the US they swear by the black stuff, drinking it on the go out of big paper cups. In Italy, a café is quickly knocked back at the bar on the way to work. And in Turkey, it is turned into a fortune-telling exercise. 
Tea on the other hand is a sacred ritual in parts of Asia. The Japanese have their ceremonies, in China it is perceived as a cure for illness, while in the UK people drink as many as six cups of tea a day.
A new set of MSK templates has been created that let you keep track of your passions and learn more about them, to go along with the special Tea and Coffee Passions Journals. The Introduction to Tasting templates will explain how to recognize and describe aroma, acidity, body and flavor. The Glossary of terms will help you know your Arabica from your Robusta. All this as well as special diagrams of brewing methods and tons of hints and tips for making a great cup of your favorite brew available for free download from myMoleskine. One you've registered you'll be able to print as many copies of the templates as you want and paste them into your notebook. Fill them out with your impressions, observations, notes and sketches so that you can further your passion, discover new flavors and try new techniques.
Coffee Tea Passions  Coffee Tea Passions
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And remember: Don't ever drop the sugar in from a height so it splashes.
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