This is not a notebook

TEDGlobal 2013
This is not a notebook.
Forget everything you think you know. Our world is calling into question the way we look at things. "Think Again" is the title of TEDGlobal 2013, a series of conferences established in 1984.  Their  motto: Ideas worth spreading (And be noted down).
Disciplines once kept apart are now coming together, forming new realities. At Moleskine we see this as an exciting opportunity to break down the old boundaries of creation and discover new spaces for self-expression
The stack of pages in your hands, secured with an elastic band and intersected with a bookmark ribbon, is not a notebook. 
Think again. 
Release the elastic band and flick through the ivory sheets. 
You'll find a container of ideas , a tool  for elaborating and jotting down ideas as they  come, often unexpected. It is the original mobile  device, beloved by avant garde artists of the past as  well as the creative professionals and the knowledge  workers of today.
TEDGlobal 2013
We created a Special Edition notebook for 2013 TEDGlobal conference guests to use as a tool for re-imagining and re-thinking – an open platform for creativity, for elaborating and sharing ideas, for visual thinking and sketchnoting
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