The AbracadabrApp hack

A Moleskine Reporter notebook becomes an analog app in the latest hack. Through a series of handmade alterations, the AbracadabrApp lets you record two-sided videos on your iPhone in just one shot with a rotating portable mirror. Capture both sides of a conversation or film two different scenes simultaneously and achieve the split-screen effect without digital technology. The AbracadabrApp also comes with three different coloured handyfilters, which give your images a red, blue, yellow or green tint, for analog instagrammers. 
This homespun plugin can be used as an iPhone stand and is also a working notebook. 
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With this project Moleskine enters the world of crowdfunding. Honest&Smile, the Barcelona-based agency behind the concept, is raising funds for the production of the first batch through Rock the Post and need to raise 100% of their target to realise it. Donate to the cause here and be one of the first owners of this unique creation. 

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