The Avengers Limited Edition Collection

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Being a superhero can be a lonely business. Which is why this Limited Edition Collection celebrating The Avengers features illustrations inspired by some of the earth's mightiest heroes: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk and on the cover of the collector's edition, Spiderman.


Bring a quiver of fear to your workspace by shouting "Avengers Assemble!". The Avengers Limited Edition Collection, created by Moleskine with Marvel, includes four customized limited edition notebooks, each with a different Avenger on the cover, and a numbered collector's edition gift box exclusively available from Moleskine stores.


The collector's edition comes in  a special boxset and features Spiderman on the cover. The covers of this Limited Edition Collection are decorated with original designs that re-interpret five characters from The Avengers with a modern, hand-drawn twist. All notebooks come with a themed paper band with the Avengers logo, decorated b-side and customized flyleaves. Inside the back pocket a themed set of Avengers inspired stickers.

The only choice left to you is decide which superhero will follow you around in your everyday adventures. 

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Print in MSK format