The Handwritten Word

We can all touch-type, text and swipe, but writing by hand is the medium most suited to evocative storytelling. There is something to be said for picking up a pen or pencil and letting it travel across the crisp, blank page, watching it fill up with your thoughts and feelings. To celebrate Handwriting Day, we asked our fans to write their status updates by hand and post the pictures online using the hashtag #mHDay. You can follow the official Moleskine Instagram channel at @moleskine_world.
The gallery of submissions provides an interesting insight into contemporary preoccupations, attitudes and emotions. Firstly, a lot of people take inspiration from proverbs and quotes from literary icons
Secondly, that handwriting allows us to make deeper emotional connections.
And finally, that handwritten notes look much prettier than 10-point Arial
Handwriting is not just for one day a year, however. The Ecriture Infinie - Infinite Writing - project, a giant notebook inviting people to write in it as if it were the last time they could write by hand, is preserved in this online gallery. Open to handwritten contributions year-round, the gallery is constantly being updated, allowing the handmade to thrive in the digital realm.
Leave your mark and contribute to the Infinite Writing project. What do you like about handwriting?

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