The Handwritten Word

handwriting day moleskine
Join us in writing out your social media posts by hand to celebrate this year's Handwriting Day. For one day, we're asking you to contribute the uniqueness of your script, the particularity of each letter's slant and curve as you ink them onto the page in front of you. 
The power of the written word is already being celebrated by some of friends, such as AirBnB's Joe Gebbia and US television journalist Katie Couric. See their posts below. 
handwriting day moleskine  handwriting day moleskine
To join in, free yourself from your QWERTY keyboard and write out your social media posts by hand on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtags #HandwritingDay and #mHDay. And to be in with a chance of winning a cornucopia of Moleskine treats delivered to your door wherever you are, enter this week's Creativity Challenge by uploading your handwritten post to myMoleskine.  
Get creative. Put your pen to paper. And let your brain do the auto-correcting for you!

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