The Towner

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The Towner is a new online magazine about city culture, urban experiences and exploration. At the intersection between literary journal and collective travel blog, it opts for long formats and quality time reading. Not somewhere to find travel tips, city guides or reviews but a place in which to explore the relationship between people and their urban cultural environments. 
Cities are and have always been a vessel for stories but they are also the context in which sociocultural expressions, languages and contemporary tensions are forged.
The Towner is a collaboration between Moleskine and Alkemy Content, the content division of Alkemy_digital enabler. Every week The Towner publishes a full length feature article inspired by a world city, an original illustration and a series of carefully curated and relevant articles.
All written content is published on The Towner in English and Italian. Words and sketches are crafted by young creative talents under the editorial direction of Timothy Small and Valerio Mattioli and the artistic direction of Olimpia Zagnoli
Moleskine accompanies you throughout the pages of The Towner so that you never lose track of your favorite traveling companions.

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