Green Platform

green_platform490.jpgThe exhibition Green Platform tackles issues at the very heart of contemporary culture - the environment, ecology and sustainability.

An example of how cultural institutions can recognise, explore and confront the environmental issues facing us all. Green Platform creates a forum for debate and discussion, and shows works by contemporary artists including Alterazioni Video, Amy Balkin, Andrea Caretto e Raffaella Spagna, Michele Dantini, Ettore Favini, Futurefarmers, Tue Greenfort, Henrik Håkansson, Katie Holten, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Christiane Löhr, Dacia Manto, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Julian Rosefeldt, Carlotta Ruggieri, Superflex, Nicola Toffolini, Nikola Uzunovski.

A crucial role is played in the dinamics of the Green Platform project, by the publication of the catalogue which will include articles by international authors with different cultural and accademic background, from economics to architecture, from social sciences to public art.

Green Platform exhibition inaugurates a new publishing joint venture with very special partner, Moleskine. The project envisages a special form of publication-catalogue encapsulating a concordance of ideas and intentions.

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