The National Gallery


Moleskine has partnered with the National Gallery to publish a short, quirky introduction to the Collection and Western European art history to 1900 together with an exclusive National Gallery-branded Moleskine Pocket Notebook Red.

The Notebook will encourage visitors to record their favourite paintings and their responses to the tales of life, death, passion and beauty found in them.

The Little Red Book is meant to remind just a few of the many interesting facts behind the collection and to help visitors to get the most out of every visit to the National Gallery. 

Inside the Little Red Book:

  • Distinguish between an Impressionist and a Baroque painting, or a genre painting and a landscape;
  • Put the artists David and Raphael into the right style category (Neoclassical and Renaissance);
  • Pronounce the artist named Pollaiuolo correctly ('The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian would be better appreciated in England if we could pronounce the artists' surname' Sir Kenneth Clark, Director of the National Gallery, 1934-46);
  • Recognise the meaning of many symbols in art and in religious and mythological paintings;
  • Discover painting techniques (fresco, tempera, oil, sgraffito) and some of pigments that make up some of the National Gallery's masterpiece.

The Little Red Book of the National Gallery, packaged with a red Moleskine Pocket Notebook, is available at £9.95, exclusively from the National Gallery.


Print in MSK format