The Beatles Limited Edition Collection

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"Once upon a time, or maybe twice, there was an unearthly paradise called Pepperland. 80,000 leagues beneath the sea it lay, or lie. I'm not too sure." With these words begins the musical fantasy movie Yellow Submarine, a surreal animated adventure based on the Beatles song by the same name that premiered in 1968.

Today Moleskine celebrates the pioneering animation techniques and pop artwork used to create Yellow Submarine with a Limited Edition Notebook Collection whose cover art has a distinctly psychedelic vibe.  To mark the launch of the collection, Dutch papercut artist and director Rogier Wieland has created a video inspired by Yellow Submarine and by the cover art of the Beatles notebooks with psychedelic 3D animations that appear to pop out of the screen and a magical submarine that we discover to be made out of Moleskine notebooks.


All you need is love
Inspired by the ideals of the "love generation", Yellow Submarine is a modern day fairytale that features characters based on the Beatles who embark on a journey to the imaginary music loving paradise under the sea called Pepperland, encountering eccentric animated characters along the way. More than 200 artists under the direction of designer Heinz Edelman and director George Dunning were involved in creating the movie's vivid visual style with the use of pioneering animation styles including 3-D sequences and highly detailed rotoscoping – tracing and painting film frame by frame.


With this Limited Edition Notebook Collection, created under license from the Beatles' company Apple Corps Ltd, Moleskine pays tribute to a band whose influence continues to have an impact in and beyond the musical realm. Today's generations continue to be inspired by the band's music and also by their culture.


Creativity Challenge
Join in the Beatlemania fun by participating in our Beatles Creativity Challenge! Illustrate your favorite Beatles song or album, and post a photograph of the artwork using the tag #M_TheBeatles. If your upload is the best among the 3 most voted ones, we'll send you a box full of Moleskine goodness, including a notebook from the brand new Beatles Limited Edition Collection. 

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