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Moleskine Shop NYC

The full collection of Moleskine notebooks, pens, bags and digital accessories arrives in New York City. Located on the ground floor of the majestic Time Warner Center building, the shop sits quietly, observing the hustle and bustle of the city's taxis, bicycles and subway trains as they charge around it. 
The shop is placed at one of New York City's most vital intersections – steps away from one of the city's most popular sidewalk rendezvous, next to the spinning movement of Columbus Circle, perched above a busy subway station, and positioned on the edge of the vibrancy of Central Park. It is a place where locals and visitors meet daily as they explore the city.
Visitors will notice that the shop design shares some features with the classic Moleskine notebook: the little black rectangle is reimagined as an open platform for organization and creativity in a physical space. A map covers the floor, telling the story of the urban traveler constantly on the move, seeking out new places to visit. 
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