To dungeons deep and caverns old: The Hobbit is reborn.

Following in the footsteps of Bilbo Baggins and his loyal troupe, the Moleskine Hobbit Limited Edition Collection is made for Tolkien fans, literary enthusiasts and those with a quest of their own.
After Pac Man, Star Wars and LEGO, this latest pop culture Limited Edition marks the release of Peter Jackson's film adaptation The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Each page is a new chapter, each line of graphite forming the features of a mythical creature. 
Tucked into the back pocket, away from prying eyes, is a map of Wilderland to aid you on this very personal journey whilst you tackle the dragons, beasts and goblins of everyday life. 
Choose your weapon: plain or ruled. Influenced by Tolkien's original drawings, the ruled version with burgundy red cover features Lonely Mountain framed by two dragons, whilst the plain notebook cover is emblazoned with the seal of a hot-foil stamped red dragon. It gleams over a silkscreened chestnut cover representing Mirkwood. Both have the original "JRRT" monogram inscribed on the notebook spine.
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Print in MSK format