Tokyo Graphic Passport. The colorful workshops with Moleskine.

Graphic-Passport_490.jpg Tokyo Graphic Passport, the creative show dedicated to the world of graphics and design, returns with a new event. Four days of meetings, workshops, performances, exhibits and screenings. An opportunity for creative exchange between local and international artists. The motto remains the same: "Think, Touch and Talk." On display are works by young talents and established artists, also exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.  

Tokyo-Grapich-Passport_235_02.jpg Tokyo-Grapich-Passport_235_01.jpg
Tokyo-Grapich-Passport_235_04.jpg Tokyo-Grapich-Passport_235_03.jpg

Moleskine is participating in the show by making hundreds of colored notebooks available for the various scheduled workshops. Also on exhibit is a personal selection from the myDetour archive, personal notebooks donated to Moleskine to support the non-profit projects of the foundation lettera27.

Further information on the event can be found here.

Tokyo Graphic Passport
3331 Arts Chyoda
October 28 - 31

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