Notebook Tool Belt, keep your essentials on the cover

Pens, zip drives, erasers, pencils, cards, tickets, stickers—whatever you carry to fuel your creative output can be stored right on the cover. 
Inspired by carpenters, architects, and street artists who attach tools to their waists, the Notebook Tool Belt slips onto a hard cover Moleskine notebook or planner. With various organizing compartments, you can be more  creative and productive when working at your desk or on the move and won't drop anything along the way.
Moleskine Tool Belt   Moleskine Tool Belt
Moleskine Tool Belts come in 2 sizes to fit onto large or pocket notebooks, and in 5 colors: Payne's Grey, Scarlet Red, Khaki Beige or Mauve Purple in fabric and black polyurethane. 
The Tool Belt is a crucial element in the analog cloud, objects designed to complement each other in form and function, enabling you to be even more creative and productive.
Moleskine Tool Belt   Moleskine Tool Belt
However you funnel your creative output onto the pages of your Moleskine, it can be stored in here.
The Notebook Tool Belts are available through Moleskine Stores online, at Moleskine Stores in cities worldwide, and in select retail outlets. The new leather-like polyurethane Tool Belt is available only through our Moleskine Store online.

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