Travel Journal: a passion for travel

To organize and keep track of your travels around the world, Moleskine presents the Travel Journal, the notebook designed for people who love to travel. The notebook begins with pages of checklists, calendars, international airports, time zones, climates and temperatures, followed by subject sections for wish lists, planning, weekends, short trips and long trips. Inside there is space for notes, photos and thoughts before, during and after each trip, so you never forget those memorable moments of your explorations. There are 5 blank sections you can personalize with pages for notes, addresses, sketches and drawings.  

The cover is stamped with a detail that instantly conjures a traveling mood, an airport departures board. The double pocket at the end, perfect for boarding passes and important documents, holds 3 sheets of adhesive labels.  

The Travel Journal is part of the Moleskine Passions collection Recipes, Wine, Books, Film, Music, Wellness, Baby, Style, Gardening, Dogs, Cats), a series of notebooks dedicated to the passions of life.

Print in MSK format