Travel with Moleskine: new accessories

Moleskine Travelling Accessories
Wherever you go, they go. We're talking about your passport, your wallet and your camera; essential tools you can't travel without. Take Moleskine on your next journey with this brand new collection of trip companions. From wallets to passport holders, everything you need is kept safe and stylish with all the iconic design features of the classic notebook in your pocket.
Passport Wallet
The ultimate airport survival pack: keep your precious items all  together with this simple and functional wallet, made for the contemporary nomad who's always waiting to board.
Card Wallet
No-one wants to go on holiday with a bulging wallet. Leave all your loyalty cards at home and store just the ones you need in this slim wallet that lets you travel light and closes neatly with the iconic elastic band. 
Moleskine Travelling Accessories  Moleskine Travelling Accessories
Passport Holder (Currently available for US only, coming soon to Europe)
Ever noticed how most passports have rounded corners too? Give yours a Moleskine touch and keep it safe with the elastic band closure.
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