Two-Go Notebook

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Not all ideas are made the same, and not all ideas fit the same notebook. Have you ever wished you had your sketchbook with you and had to make do with drawing over ruled lines? And how many times while doodling have you come up with an idea you just needed to write down in longhand, but struggled to write neatly on a blank page?

The Moleskine Two-Go is a brand new notebook that multiplies the possibilities for taking notes, sketching and creating as each two-page spread is plain on one side and ruled on the other.


Although there are no set rules on how to use the double layout, ruled pages generally work best for the kind of notes you take with the rational part of your brain, like lists, bullet points and charts while plain pages are ideal for more spontaneous, creative records like mind maps, brainstorms and sketches.

The Two-Go notebooks come with cotton canvas covers in four different colors – Oriental Blue, Raspberry Red, Saxe Blue and Ash Grey – giving them a contemporary retro look and feel. The flyleaves are in contrasting colors so that each of your left and right personalities can find their fit while two colored bookmarks make it easy to signpost your most recent creative and rational ideas.

After all, no one side of us is perfect. And we all wish we could bend the rules a little, turn blank pages into ruled pages and ruled pages into blank.

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