Two-line personalization: choose a notebook, make it yours

Choose a notebook or planner and make it yours with two line personalization. Make that very special moment when you choose which notebook to use for a project, journal to jot down your travel notes or planner for the year ahead even more unique with a personalized message on the cover.


Now that two-line personalization is available you won't have to mince your words. Whether you assign your notebook a special name, choose an inspiring quote or ward off unwelcome eyes with a warning to "stay out", two-line personalization gives your notebook or planner a unique identity.

It is also a way to make a gift more personal, add the recipient's name, a special date that unites you or a message that will bring you closer.

Two-line personalization on select notebooks and planners is available in-store at all Moleskine Stores and through our online store. Start personalizing today!


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