Be prepared for unexpected ideas

Get creative during your travel time

Ideas come at unexpected times. Be prepared!

Find the tools you need to get creative during your travel time. Legendary writers and artists were the first to use simple black notebooks to sketch and write while on the go. Like them, you too might find that the best ideas happen while underway. Don't let them slip away!

Tips on getting the most out of your travel time:

Use familiar objects to create your personal space in unfamiliar surroundings - the dimmed glow of your book light will shield you from the darkness of an overnight journey and create a private spot to think, read and write by.


Moleskine notebooks and planners come in all shapes and sizes. Find one that fits comfortably in your pocket or bag and always carry it with you. Zoom-in on the ivory pages and watch your thoughts take the shape of words, drawings, shapes.


Take comfort in the customary chaos (or order!) in your bag, or use it like a mobile office desk while you organize your to-do list, plan your day or write a just-in-time presentation.

Moleskine exists to enable everyday life on the move, assisting mind and body in their missions. You would be surprised at how much creativity grows out of everyday experiences. Find the tools you need, pay attention to the world around you and let Moleskine fill your path with thoughts. 

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