Urban Sketchers: the world one drawing at a time

paul-heaston490.jpg(above, sketch by Paul Heaston)

Two individuals in a bar in San Petersburg, the 4th of July celebrations in the streets of New Jersey, a jazz concert in Orlando, people refreshing themselves in a fountain in Portland: see the world one drawing at a time through the eyes of Urban Sketchers, the group blog created in 2008 with hundreds of members in more than fifty countries.

Over 200 of them meet up for the first time in the first annual International Sketching Symposium, taking place July 29-31, 2010 in Portland, OR.



(above, from left, sketches by Thomas Thorspecken, Ekaterina Khozatskaya, Veronica Lawlor, Jason Das)

Like great avant garde artists of the past century, who used their black notebooks to create freely whenever inspiration struck, the Symposium's attendees will explore the city streets looking for places, faces, moments to transfer on paper.

The three-day symposium, hosted in conjunction with Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), will feature a blend of lectures, panels, and exhibits, as well as practical sketching sessions around the Portland area led by a team of international presenters with backgrounds in art education, architecture, illustration and journalism.

Moleskine celebrates the meeting by providing a custom edition large-size Japanese notebook. The notebook includes an Urban Sketchers logo embossed on the cover of the book, a custom paperband with Urban Sketchers imagery and logo, and a custom insert with messaging from Urban Sketchers.

The notebooks will be distributed to attendees at the symposium to be used for sketching, gifted to presenters and supporters of the symposium.

In the home page: sketch by Jason Das

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