Urban Sketchers II: Lisbon one sketch at a time

Urban Sketchers Lisbona_490.jpgA group blog with hundreds of international sketch artists who share the world through their notebooks. They explore cities and sketch them in every detail, capturing the essence of places and people on paper: images, scenes of urban life, crowded squares, ladies shopping, panoramic rooftop views, people seated in cafés or by the river. Their motto is "see the world one sketch at the time." They also organize sketch crawls and symposiums around the world. In three days they map out a city one sketch after another. This symposium in Lisbon is their second with more than 200 participants from 21 countries. The first stop was Portland . Sketches and images from the different cities can be found on the Flickr map of urbansketchers.org.  

Urban Sketchers Lisbona_235_04.jpg Urban Sketchers Lisbona_235_02.jpg Urban Sketchers Lisbona_235_03.jpg Urban Sketchers Lisbona_235_01.jpg

From July 21 to 23 there will be meetings, lectures, exhibits, and above all outdoor sketching sessions with a team of artists, professionals and sketching enthusiasts, architects, illustrators, travellers, all armed with notebooks, sketch pads, pencils, watercolors, pens and brushes. Technique will follow instinct.

Urban Sketchers Lisbona_235_06.jpg Urban Sketchers Lisbona_235_05.jpg

Moleskine celebrates the event with two special editions: a Watercolor Notebook and a Japanese Sketchbook, both offered in the large version 13X21cm. The Urban Sketchers cover is in contrasting black and white. The personalized band uses a drawing by Portuguese illustrator João Catarino. Inside there is a map of the meetings spread throughout the city.

Further information on the symposium can be found at the official site

The International Urban Sketching Symposium
July 21-23

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