The Utility Bag

Illustration by Brendan Leach

Designed to accompany you in your daily life or on short trips, the Utility Bag is versatile by nature. It holds everything you need for a weekend, can be used as a gym bag or even become a spacious overnight bag which can be customized with the Moleskine Storage Panel and Multipurpose Cases.

With its adjustable straps, the bag can be carried in your hand or over the shoulder. It is the largest (42 x 32 x 11 cm) of the five bags in the Travelling Collection.

utility-bag-235-07.jpg utlity-bag-235-03.jpg 
                        Front                                                                                Back

Inside and outside pockets make the items you use most easily accessible. The rigid base keeps the bag in an upright position on any surface. The bag fits a laptop up to 15".

utility_bag_235_01.jpg utility-bag-235-09.jpg
Utility-Bag-235-10.jpg Utility-Bag-235-11.jpg

The Utility Bag is available at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS, MoleskineAsia and in select stores around the world.

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