Ideas with wings: New Volant journals

You know an idea has wings when it takes off so fast you can barely keep up. Suddenly you find yourself jumping off the bus and searching for a piece of paper so you can write it down before it flies away. Our Volant journals are designed to be there at that crucial moment of the creative process. 
With soft, flexible covers that are easy to grab and open up, you can capture your ideas before it's too late. Square-shaped colored stickers let you personalize and organize your notes. And with all pages now detachable, sharing your ideas is easier than ever. 
Volant journals come in sets of two, with four fun new color combinations to choose from:
Geranium and Scarlet Red 
Powder and Royal Blue 
Sunflower and Brass Yellow 
Sage and Seaweed Green
Because when you're on the fly, your ideas are too. Capture and share them before they get lost.
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