Glitches x Moleskine

Lines, shapes and blank pages come alive through the medium of animation and music in the new video for London band Glitches' single, Only Time Will Tell.
Sunrise, and the pulling back of the notebook cover signals the start of a new day. A hand tilts the map of Skomer Island as we zoom in on an Atlantic Puffin colony, where a new life has just been brought into the world. We follow the baby puffin's progress as it learns to fly, but its maiden voyage takes a destructive turn… Swiftly patched up by the band themselves, it soars over a landscape of paper hills, paginated valleys and notebook towers: will it make it back to the nest?
Moleskine Glitches Volant  Moleskine Glitches Volant
Inspired by the soft covers of Moleskine Volant notebooks, named after the Latin verb ‘volare' which means to fly, the video shows the endless possibilities of paper and the fleeting nature of existence. And with Glitches as the creative force and Moleskine as the creative tool, it's an unprecedented collaboration that celebrates the song-writing process from paper to sound.
Research & Project Development: Robbie Newby and Robbie Parks
Script & Direction: Robbie Newby and Simone Radclyffe 
Animation & Scenography: David Shute, Jordan Wood, Rosy Nicholas and Heloise O'Donoghue
Music: Only Time will Tell by Glitches
Producer: Simone Radclyffe
Production company: Oliver's Island
Live action camera operator: Pat Schulenburg
Production Assistant: Luke Chettle
Art Department assistants: Sally Root and Katy Edelsten
Illustrator: Tom Radclyffe
With the support of Moleskine
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