Wellness Journal: the video

Everyone knows what makes them feel better, which things to do and those to avoid: to have your personal trainer always with you there's the new Wellness Journal.

Informative pages about seasonal food calendars, food facts, measurements and conversions, 6 theme-based sections to fill in with Diet, Exercise Log, Personal Goals, General Health, Games, Inspirations, 6 tabbed sections to personalize and 16 blank pages in which to unleash your passion's creativity.

The cover is fully embossed with images of the body, moving or relaxing.

The Wellness Journal is part of Moleskine Passions, the new collection dedicated to Recipes, Wine, Books, Films, Music, Wellness.

passions490_3.jpgAvailable in preview sale at Selfridges and Waterstones in the UK and in selected online stores:  


Print in MSK format