What's in your bag?

Ko_Siu_Chuk490.jpg (Above, Ko Siu Chuk's bag)

Pocket notebook and city maps for the traveller, laptop and planner for the manager, sketchbook and paints for the artist, baby lotion and bib for the mum of a 9-month-old: these are some of the objects seen at the "What's in your bag?" competition in Hong Kong.

Bag content is a popular topic on the internet. Through social media everyone can upload photos of their bag content to express their personal styles. Moleskine notebooks are often featured in these pictures. That's where the idea of the competition came from.

It took place in Hong Kong, in the city'super and LOG-ON stores. From May 10th to 27th, participants could either take a picture and upload it on city'super's Facebook fan page, or visit the city'super and LOG-ON stores, where a special set was dedicated to the bag shooting.

Ian_Tsui235_1.jpg Telephone_Fung235_2.jpg

(Above, from left, Ian Tsui and Telephone Fung bags)

The winner, Sky Lee (see picture in home page), was awarded a complete set of the Folio collection, large formats for the creative office environment.


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