White is the new black

The classic black rectangle has shed its dark coat for a range of white Moleskine notebooks, which are now available on official Moleskine e-stores.
In complete contrast to black with an absence of color, white often acts as the base on which ideas are built, personalities are expressed, concepts conveyed. It's a universal tone that plays a crucial part in the palette of many artists. 
Great works have been created on white, such as The White Album by The Beatles, so called because the sleeve features no title, just an embossing of the band's name. The White on White canvases of Suprematist painter Kazimir Malevich are simple yet powerful examples of modern art. White has also had an impact on architecture: Le Corbusier's vision for modern living is embodied in his iconic white structures which went on to inspire a whole movement.
And today many digital devices are designed as white rectangles, which the white  Moleskine   notebook sits next to quite comfortably. A white elastic band runs along the side, and a white bookmark ribbon waits among ivory pages. 
Do you have a favorite white item that you always use, wear or carry around? Upload it to myMoleskine with the hashtag #favoritewhite.
Bring your ideas into the light. The Moleskine white notebook is your blank canvas. 
Now available only on the Moleskine Store Europe and US. On shelves from July.

Print in MSK format