WikiAfrica africanizes Wikipedia

wikiafrica_490.jpgStories, quotes, images, audio, video and artworks.

WikiAfrica is a project conceived by lettera27 with the collaboration of Wikimedia Italia to africanize Wikipedia expanding and improving information available about Africa online.

The projects aims to support the right to literacy, education, and the access to information and the sharing and conservation of knowledge through networks, research, projects, publications, and events.

Moleskine contributes to the project by supporting the activites of lettera27 through the Detour and myDetour events.

WikiAfrica is a project focused on art, cinema, literature and collaborates with Chimurenga Library (South Africa), Doual'art (Camerun), AfroPixel (Senegal) and in Italy with Wikimedia Italia, il Festival di Cinema Africano di Verona, Afriradio, Nigrizia Multimedia and il Festival del Cinema Africano, Asia, America Latina di Milano.

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