Record and share your passion for wine on your iPad.

Moleskine Journal App Wine
The Moleskine Passions Wine Journal, which makes it easier to record your passion for swigs and swills, has been faithfully reproduced in digital format and is now available to download right from within the Moleskine Journal iPad app
Easily profile a wine using the keyboard and data fields, or handwrite entries using the Zoom feature. If you photograph labels in restaurants, import the image from your photo library or add it directly from the app with the built-in camera. Categorize, customize and organize your favorite wines by giving each one a star rating, looking up glossary terms, choosing the appropriate glass and adding digital stickers to tag your pages. Then share your notes with your dinner companions and fellow drinkers via email, Facebook and Twitter or sync to Evernote and backup to Dropbox. Let us have a peek too on #moleskinejournal.
Already available in this update are light versions of the Recipe Journal and the Storyboard notebook. Once you purchase the Wine Journal directly off the shelf it becomes part of your library collection, letting you create unlimited editions of your favorite passion. Create without boundaries: download or update the Moleskine Journal app from the App Store and build your bookshelf. 

Print in MSK format