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Words take many shapes and forms. Many we type on our keyboards or devices, others we speak but the very important and personal ones are often the ones we pick up a pen to write down.

Perhaps it is because pen and paper are always within reach, day or night, and no thought needs to be put on whether they are charged or connected. Perhaps it is because what you write on a page, stays on a page. You cannot quickly press the delete button so your scribbles and annotations remain to be pondered over. Perhaps it is because we first learned to write the alphabet with pen and paper, so when the time comes to express our most intimate, creative and necessary thoughts the natural thing is to reach for pen and notebook. 


The Moleskine Writing Collection is made with handwriting in mind. All the pens and pencils clip onto the side of your Moleskine notebook, so you will never have to delve into the depths of your bag or under piles of papers on your desk to find your favorite writing tool again. Whether you prefer the fluidity of the roller pen or the control of the ball pen, a small or medium tip, like to open your pen with a click or simply by putting the cap back on, your perfect match is out there, waiting for you to find it.

The Moleskine Writing Collection just got richer with two brand new colors: Carmine Red and Charcoal Grey. Among the other colors already available are pens in Hay Yellow, Tide Green, Sage Green, Mauve Purple, Silver, White and, of course, Black.

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