My Analog Cloud: Your identity on the move

If you were to tip the entire contents of your bag out onto the table right now, what would you see? And if everyone around you were to do the same, how many differences would you find, and how many stories could you tell about where they are going, where they have been and who they are - just by peeking inside their bags!


Fortunately you won't have to actually tip out the contents of anyone's bag – not even your own – to gleam the stories and identities hidden within, as we have created My Analog Cloud, a special online game you can access from the comfort of your favorite device.


To play, choose the three essential objects you couldn't leave the house without today, the two Moleskine objects that most inspire you and the bag you would choose from the new line of Moleskine Bags, the ID Collection. And find out what this objects say about you. Your choices will be associated to different qualities, like nomadic, pragmatic, thoughtful or rational, and result in a profile to describe you – from an Analog Flaneur to a Writing Observer.


Our bags are more than just a way to carry with us what we need. They are analog clouds that contain within them our unique identity as we travel in the world. 

Play the game to discover yours! Click here

Join our Creativity Challenge and learn more about yourself and your personality. Play the Analog Cloud online game and upload your profile on myMoleskine using the tag #myAnalogCloud or if you feel more creative, show us what's in your bag in a photo or a sketch. The best entry will receive a box of Moleskine goodies to celebrate his or her personality. Click here!

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