Five new titles in the Moleskine Passions collection. Art, Beer, Chocolate, Home, Restaurants

15 February 2012

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mol Moleskine, publisher of legendary notebooks, is pleased to announce new titles in the Passions collection, dedicated to keeping track, organizing and recording the passions of our lives. Designed to host notes, clippings, drawings, memories and thoughts on a variety of specific leisurely topics, each Journal includes a set of themed page layouts, themed calendars, glossaries, listings, and a core part of alphabetically organized and tabbed pages for you to fill in.
The five new titles for 2012 are Art, Beer, Chocolate, Home Life, and Restaurant-Dinning-Out Experiences. The Art Journal has been created with a contribution from Art for Business, a young and passionate association that focuses on artistic language and its effect on people and organizations. Ernst Knam is the award-winning chocolate gourmet who has been involved in the creation of the Chocolate Journal.
Knam's special Moleskine praline recipe is included inside one of the notebook's tabs to celebrate his collaboration in developing the Journal. Both Art for Business and Ernst Knam are available for interviews.

The new five titles join the existing Passions Journals for Style, Gardening, Dog, Cat, Travel, Baby, Recipes, Wine, Book, Film, Music and Wellness. All journals feature the iconic attributes of the Moleskine notebooks with their rounded corners and elastic closures. The black cover is fully embossed with a tight texture of themed images and writings. They come with a different series of themed stickers and icons, for page and tab customization. On the back end paper there is a double pocket, for clippings, tickets and card collections. The classic Moleskine elastic band keeps everything closed, tidy and neat.
Each Passion Journal is connected to the digital world with MSK, a Moleskine digital tool designed to transfer online content to paper. With this tool users can personalize their notebook pages by easily printing and pasting an MSK of a Moleskine Passion page into their notebook and fill it in with themed information found online, reviews on blogs, comments, documentation, etc. Users can also download other page layouts to personalize their Journal.
The 5 personalizable tabbed sections of each journal:

Art: leading exhibitions' calendar, art history timeline, space for noting your art experiences, your visits, your collection.
Beer: glossary, pouring tips, glass types, tasting notes, homebrewing log, space for your recipes, your cellar and your favorite addresses.
Chocolate: map of cacao varieties, glossary of chocolate making, tasting notes, space for your recipes, events, shops, and special recipes including instructions on how to make Moleskine pralines.
Home Life: project planner, maintenance log, party organizer, space for checklists, neighborhood info, and inspirations.
Restaurant - Dinning-Out Experiences: space for restaurant, bar and café notes, chef's tips, takeaway ratings, wish list.

Passions Journals page layouts can be downloaded at You can easily print them out and paste them into your Moleskine notebook. Enjoy filling your notebook with Passion.

The Moleskine Passions Journals will be available on the Moleskine Store and on shelves worldwide starting from February 15, 2012.

A video will be available on the Moleskine YouTube and Vimeo channels starting on launch date.

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